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Website for the Norwegian market

Either you are a carpenter or offer other handicrafts services, or you want to sell products on the Norwegian market, a website in Norwegian will increase your visibility and create more customers for your business. We make websites for businesses so they can reach their potential customers.


Show everybody your true face, what you stand for and what services you can offer with a website.

Carpenter working

Show your potential customers your professionalism and professional knowledge, and why they should select your company for their assignment.

Carpenter at Work

Let potential customers see how much effort your company put into getting the job done properly and delivered on time.

let us make your business website for the Norwegian market

In today's society it is absolutely necessary to have a website to be seen and to compete with the others on the market. A website may significantly increase your company's revenues and expand your company's geographical clientele. Either you want a website to offer services or products on the Norwegian market, we are here to help you. We make a website written in Norwegian for you!


Single webpage containing

- layout with pictures

- contact information

- pictures of employees

- information about your company

- domain ( .com, .net, .org, .info)

- web hosting


Package price max 4500,- kroner 

1. Website setup and SEO 3000.-  kr. This is the one-time amount we take to create the website for the customer.

2. Payment to website provider for domain name and webhosting for 1 year, kr. 1000, - to 1500, - kr depending on which website supplier the customer chooses in consultation with us.


As you can see above, the total cost is below 4500, - kr the first year including the cost of creating the website. In the following years you only pay for renting your domain name and web hosting, that is the only thing you need to keep a website up and running. This cost a total of somewhere between 1000, - to 1500, - kr per year according to today's market prices.

Once you are satisfied with the website we have created, we transfer the ownership of the website to you by email. You open received email and register as a new owner of the website, choose your domain name (URL) and pay for domain name and webhosting for a year. You are now the proud owner of a stunning website in Norwegian!


We provide full service from start to finish!

If you don’t have a company in Scandinavia, we prefer payments through PayPal or credit cards. We accept PayPal, credit cards and Visa.

By clicking the button below you will be redirected to secure payment.


Yes, i want to buy a Norwegian website for my business.

Price 3000,- Kroner plus 25% VAT


For other types of solutions or requests please contact us using the form below, or send us an email, and we will be happy to assist you!


The websites are made on platforms that use drag and drop method for website creation. Many manage to build such web sites themselves without much knowledge, while others would have to spend a long and expensive time. This offer is meant for those who have no interest, time or knowledge to do this themselves but still need a website so that they are seen and found online by potential customers. One of the advantages of such websites is that you can easily log in and change employee contact information, add new pictures, or other simple edits without having to contact a web designer. This and lower price are the reasons why such websites have become so popular. is built with drag and drop method, as this is perfect for us as the website is often edited with new services and information from different consultants.



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